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Where to Buy Bitcoins and Where to Spend Them

There is a slight difference between how to buy bitcoins and where to buy them. How to is all about the wallet and exchanges and the typical sources. Where to buy bitcoins digs a little deeper into some of the alternatives to exchanges and setting up your own shop that takes bitcoins. Some larger areas have bitcoin ATMs. The prices are comparable to exchanges. This is a convenient process. Looking at the prices for the middle of December 2017, these are the prices at a bitcoin ATM […]

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How to Buy Bitcoins

The first step in buying bitcoins is acquiring a wallet. This is what the software that contains your bitcoins is called – a wallet. It is this wallet that allows you to join the bitcoin world. Think of it like getting a bank account. You need it to participate in the money world. Even if you stash your cash under your mattress, usually it comes to you in checks and money orders or direct deposit. You need to have someplace where you can access this cash. Once […]

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