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Mastering Ethereum: Implement advanced blockchain applications using Ethereum-supported tools, services, and protocols

An expert guide to implementing fast, secure, and scalable decentralized applications that work with thousands of users in real time Key Features Implement advanced features of the Ethereum network to build powerful decentralized applications Build smart contracts on different domains using the programming techniques of Solidity and Vyper Explore the architecture of Ethereum network to understand advanced use cases of blockchain development Book Description Ethereum is one of the commonly used platforms for building blockchain applications. It’s a decentralized platform for applications that can run exactly as […]

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Emercoin, OpenLedger Collaborate To Usher In Blockchain-Based Services

Following its partnership with Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Emercoin, a leading digital currency and blockchain platform, is collaborating with OpenLedger, the FinTech platform based on BitShares 2.0 technology, in order to offer new synergies in blockchain-based services. BitScan reported that OpenLedger platform’s unique features perfectly complement Emercoin’s emphasis on blockchain services. OpenLedger is the first decentralized exchange offering fiat gateway with USD, EUR and CNY, a bridge to bitcoin itself along with various altcoins like DOGE, DASH, Peercoin, Litecoin, NuBits, NuShares, BlockShares, and more. […]

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