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PCI-E Riser Newest Version 009s 1x to 16x 6-pin SATA Powered Adapter & 23IN USB3.0 Cable | Support Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, SAPPHIRE, XFX etc GPUs for mining ETH/ZEC/BitCoin/AltCoins (8-Pack)

Super High Quality PCI-E riser cards for Crypto-Currency Mining Rigs. US Based Seller – Get your PCIe risers faster & Gain More! 2018 Newest Version 9.0 – Solid quality and Stable performance! Start mining more today!!! Buy with confidence: 1. Our partner is one of the largest manufactures of PCI-E riser adapters. 2. We are miners too. We know BAD risers are killing your profit. This is the best quality riser card we have ever tested! 3. Luxury materials and supports HIGH POWER GPUS (200w+) without any […]

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