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Panto 6-Pin Powered PCI-E PCI Express Riser – VER 006C – 1X to 16X PCIE USB 3.0 Adapter Card – With USB Extension Cable – GPU Graphic Card Crypto Currency Mining (1 pack)

1.PCI-E x1 motherboard end * 1pcs 2.X 16 terminal board * 1pcs 3.USB3.0 cable * 1pcs Product Features Version 6 C Powered Riser Card. 6-Pin VGA Power Supply Input. Transfer cassette port or 6-Pin power connector. FP solid capacitors, which supplies more power safely. Slot is equipped with a fixed buckle so the card will not fall off from the slot. 60cm USB 3.0 connection cable PCIE connector plug all gold, which handles more wear and increase conductivity. Click Here For More Information

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