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Party Laser Lights SUNY Hardwired Sound Activated Light RGB Multiple Patterns Projector Galaxy LED Ripple Wave Projector Indoor Decorative DJ Lights For Xmas Disco Decor Holiday Event Laser Light Show

SPECIFICATION 1. External Color: Black 2. Material: Metal 3. Pattern: Red /Green/Blue laser light in Multiple Gobos  4. Laser Sources: Red-100mw@650nm ; Green-20mw@532nm; Blue-100mw@450nm  5. LED source: Red / Green / Blue, Mixed RGB. 6. Cooling system: Intelligent temperature control fan (Critical point 20 ° C ) 7. Laser Classification: Class IIIa 8. Projection Rate: ≤ 5mW 9. Working temperature between 10°C to 40°C (Indoor). 10. Mode: Sound Active, AUTO 11. Input: AC100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz, 9w. (Fit for global power) 12. Output: DC12V/1.0A 13. Product Size: 115x115x70mm 14. Net Weight: 1.40lbs (0.64kgs)  15. Package Weight: 1.83lbs (0.83kgs)    PACKAGE CONTENT 1. Laser lighting X 1; 2. Multi-Mount Stand X 1; 3. Universal […]

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Galaxy Ripple X 7 231G

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