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Project downtime on Tue Jan 23rd

Hi everyone, We are going to shut down the project next Tuesday, Jan 23rd at around 10 AM CET for an upgrade of our database backend systems to make them ready for the years to come. We’re going to upgrade hardware parts, operating systems as well the databases themselves, which is why we need to shut down the entire project, including the BOINC backend and this very website. Generally you don’t have to do anything at your end. Your BOINC client will temporarily pause fetching new tasks […]

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Project downtime 2018-01-30

Update: due to an unrelated hardware problem at our Milwaukee site we need to extend this brief downtime to the entire project, not just the website. The other facts stated remain the same. Oliver One minor update was not implemented, but it only deals with the E@H Web site. On Tuesday 2018 January 30th at 1430 UTC the Web site will be down for about 30 minutes. That is 1530 CET for Central Europe and 0930 EST for east coast North America. The project will continue to […]

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Website downtime, 2016-10-31 and 2016-11-01

On Monday 2016-10-31 and Tuesday 2016-11-01, at 1400 UTC (both days) we will be turning off the einstein Web server front-end for some hardware maintenance. The time corresponds to 1500 CST and 1000 EDT. This downtime is only for the Web site. The E@H project will continue to run normally. Monday, there will be a minor networking change. The downtime window should only be 5 to 10 minutes. Tuesday, there will be a some hardware support work. This will take longer, 30-45 minutes.

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