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The Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic Order

Not so long ago the internet was a new and alien concept. Today, the world would collapse without it. Today, cryptocurrency is a new and little-used concept. Tomorrow, will the world collapse without it? we sit at the cusp of a revolution in global commerce, a shift that promises nothing less than to reshape the international economic and political order. At the heart of this revolution lies the groundbreaking technology of cryptocurrencies. With the advent of bitcoin in 2008 the term ‘cryptocurrency’ crept into our lives. But […]

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Men’s BitCoin T-Shirt BlockChain Cryptocurrency Digital Money Tee Large Asphalt

Wear this BITCOIN shirt and be the conversation starter everywhere you go. Are you a trader, arbitrage pro, economist, technology writer, or bitcoin enthusiast? Then this is your shirt! People will stop in their tracks to discuss this awesome cryptocurrency shirt from NOTABLE MEDIA. Available in great colors and in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes. Click on our brand name at the top of this listing to see our other great designs! Product Features Perfect shirt for finance people, analysts, bitcoin miners, entrepreneurs, and more! Nerd Shirts, […]

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Cryptocurrency and digital money flat icons set cell phone cover case iPhone5

Cryptocurrency and digital money flat icons set Cellphone Cover Case iPhone5 Categories: , Fotolia image from bloomua Country: Ukraine You would like your cellphone to have a very special personal look? Then this is the right place for you. Design the look of your cell phone cover to your very personal taste. You’ve got the choice: We offer you a vast variety of images you can add your own personal message to, or you may use your own photos to design your unique cover. If you need […]

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Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Creates Own Digital Currency


The Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (MUFG) is developing its own digital currency. According to an Asahi Shimbun article, bank officials named the cryptocurrency “MUFG coin”. The project started last fall and the MUFG cryptocurrency will not rely on a blockchain powered by miners, but on a P2P system that uses smartphones to verify the existence of digital tokens. The MUFG coin project was developed to show that blockchain-based systems could result in sizable savings in managerial costs, transaction fees and tariffs associated with international remittances. “if it is […]

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 1-24-2016

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Digital Currency Weekly Recap 1-24-2016 Russian Duma Could Review New Crytpo-Encompassing Law Soon According to reports, a new law that could potentially legalize cryptocurrency in Russia is awaiting review by the Russian Duma, and could be acted upon early this year. Currently in draft form, the proposed change to the Administrative Violations Code would, for all practical purposes, result in a repudiation of the Ministry of Finance’s ongoing threats to ban all digital currencies. Though an original draft was expected to begin the process of banning cryptocurrencies, […]

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House bill seeks to make it easier to deal in digital currencies

CHEYENNE — A bipartisan group of Wyoming legislators has put forth a bill that would change the way the state treats cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. House Bill 26 would amend the Wyoming Money Transmitter Act to define digital currency as a permissive investment. That means cryptocurrencies would be treated the same as U.S. dollars, Euros or any other currency when dealing with monetary transfers. The bill’s main sponsor is Rep. Tyler Lindholm, R-Sundance. Lindholm said the best way to explain what the bill would do is to […]

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Current status of digital currency of bitcoins


1. What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. It is not issued by any central authority, theoretically making it immune to government interference or manipulation. The first cryptocurrency that was launched was the Bitcoin. 2. What are its unique features? A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit. It can be bought, sold online and remitted abroad without paying any fees to a bank or other over-charging financial intermediaries. However, its anonymous nature of transactions makes it well-suited for nefarious activities […]

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Cryptocurrency roundup: Bitcoin developers create new digital currency, Singapore develops …

Jasmine Solana December 28, 2015 [Image Credit: futuremoneytrends.com] Only a few people know how Bitcoin works, and even fewer know who the people—remember Satoshi Nakamoto?—behind this cryptocurrency are. Now, a handful of Bitcoin’s core developers have reportedly left the project to start a new digital currency. In a press release, the group and makers of the widely used btcsuite announced they are building Decred, an alternative digital currency. Decred developer Christina Jepson said their goal is to address the issues of governance and development funding that Bitcoin […]

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Decred: The New Kid on the Digital Currency Block


Written by: Nick Marinoff 2015/12/22 8:00 AM “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us…” Also read: Bitwalking Wants to Pay you Cryptocurrency for Walking Every Day It’s a line we’ve likely heard in various westerns, and yet it’s probably something bitcoin has said at least once or twice to its newly developing crypto-cousins. No doubt that six years ago, when bitcoin was just starting out, it was ready to take the digital world by storm as the only currency of its kind. Over time, […]

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