Wonoovi PCIe Riser Adapter VER 008S PCI-E 16x to 1x 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & 4pin 6pinb to SATA Power Cable – Ethereum Mining ETH

Uses buckle imported from Taiwan and slot with fixed buckle. It is easy to remove graphics card and fix graphics cards, so that the card will not fall off the slot. It solves the problems such as the traditional welding points of line which is easy to be burnt, the attenuated transmission signals and insufficient length of the cables.
The new products adopt power protection and use superior quality plasmid forming inductor and solid capacitor power supply card.
The conversion efficiency is up to 95%. The extension line interface (Max 16A capacity) express seven 6P interface strengthens the power supply. It can solve the problem of line burnt because of the insufficient power supply capacity.
Newest design of three power interface, stable data.

Product Features

  • Anti-corrosive frosted layer, more secure and stable
  • Right output interface, more human than traditional upward interface
  • New designed interface, anti-burnt golden finger, more durable than traditional products
  • Newest design of three power interfaces, stable data
  • Good quality and 100% brand new