Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring. Never Panic: Our Tiny Button Quickly Sends GPS Life alerts in Emergencies (e.g, Medical). Device Includes 1 Free Month of Professional 24/7 Security Dispatch.

Introducing Ripple: 24/7 nationwide personal safety at the press of a button. Ripple’s Bluetooth button triggers your own human monitoring team of security experts -a highly skilled team ready to get you help when you need it. We all need help sometimes, but too often we don’t have the resources to get it quickly and discreetly. When you’re uncomfortable, click once and immediately receive a call from Ripple to get the comfort and peace of mind you desire. They know who and where you are, and have resources to immediately dispatch emergency services to you should you need it. If you have an emergency and only moments to act, click your device three or more times. While you focus on the situation at hand, your Ripple team will dispatch emergency resources directly to your location and relay all of your critical information to first responders so you don’t have to. In the companion Ripple smartphone app, you can choose which emergency response to receive (ambulance or police), and you can pre-set medical information and custom instructions. Ripple $10/month professional monitoring is the most cost-effective solution in the mobile personal safety industry. Because we know you’ll love having 24/7 peace of mind, we’ll provide 1 free month of professional monitoring right out of the box. Additionally, because Ripple also texts friends and family your GPS alerts for free, you also have the option of a friends-and-family monitoring system with Ripple with no monthly charges. Ripple is about the size of a dime, is water resistant, and has up to 6 months of battery life. For our monthly and annual subscribers, if your battery dies, we’ll replace your old Ripple device with a new one -free of charge. Ripple is a Bluetooth device. To use Ripple, you must pair it with a smartphone running iOS 10.0 or later, or Android 6.0 or later on Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. For customer service or questions on smartphone compatibility, please email

Product Features

  • Never panic: with Pro monitoring engaged, click your Ripple Bluetooth button 3+ times to alert your Ripple team that you need your pre-selected emergency response (ambulance or police).
  • By purchasing, you’ll receive a Ripple Bluetooth button (shown here) and 1 free month of Ripple’s 24/7 nationwide professional monitoring (optional charge of only $10/month thereafter).
  • To better respond to medical alerts, your professional monitoring team also receives any pre-set health information and other custom information you provide in the Ripple app.
  • For no monthly charges, Ripple can also send alerts to friends & Family with your location, so paid professional monitoring is 100% optional.
  • Ripple is water resistant and wearable on clothes or keys. Ripple’s battery life lasts up to 6 months, and for monthly subscribers, we’ll send you a free new device when the battery is running low.