YieldFarming – Liquidity Mining – NFT


Jillian Richards, an elite triathlete, is desperate to get back home to Boulder after an unexpected trip to Boston to care for her ailing father. Her lifelong dream of winning gold is at stake, and time is of the essence.

With an ice storm bearing down on the east coast, she rushes to the airport—only to spin out of control and crash headfirst into a jackknifed tractor-trailer. She is trapped in the car with life-threatening injuries, lying in the murky space between consciousness and the beyond. She knows it’s her destiny to survive…but what if destiny isn’t enough?

Her survival will depend on five seemingly unconnected strangers, each with a harrowing story of their own. From the moment of impact, chapters intricately weave between the crucial moments after the crash and the backstories of these five who come to her aid. Each has had their own brush with death, only to be given that ultimate second chance.

Fate may have led them back to her at this most critical moment, but it will be up to Jillian to make it out alive.