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PCI-E 6 PIN 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card for Bitcoin\Litecoin\ETH coin PCIe VER 006C 6-Pin PCI-E to SATA Power Cable – GPU Riser Adapter – Ethereum Mining ETH (Mining Line) (Pack of 1)

Product Parameters:
Name: Graphics Card Adapter Card (Mining Line)
Interface: PCIE 1X
Product Length: About 0.6 meters
Product color: Blue
Product weight: 0.04kg
Material: Alloy + PCBA
Accessories: USB Cable
System support: Linx / xp / windows7 / 8/10
New design, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X are compatible (1-16X and 16-16X can be used)
Packing: Electrostatic bag, Paper Box
Product Scope and Purpose:
1. Product Application: The new design, 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X compatible (1-16X and 16-16X can be used), circuit board PCIE adapter cable new release, safer, more efficient and more practical!
2. Uses: Solve the traditional cable soldering point vulnerable and easy to burn, transmission signal attenuation, cable length is not enough and so on. Choose the latest PCIE conversion line, these problems are solved! An interface notebook or video card is connected to a monitor or TV with an HDMI port.
1. This extension cable is for motherboard PCI-E slot (1X 2X 4X 8X 16X). Please plug in the floppy drive power cord when using. Plug and unplug the PCI-E extension cable must be after the computer off. Be sure to see the precautions when using!
2. The wire is customized, do not just find a line to plug in. Remember!
3.Plug line must recognize the direction, do not insert the reverse or offset position, to prevent burning equipment, please fixed the equipment during operation, to avoid excessive force will plug the pin.
4. Large 4pin for the power standard parts, insert the power supply, please check whether inserted in place, plug the line must be careful.
5. Dual-core graphics card with the old cable, the motherboard is 16X are also recommended to use the old cable! ! !

Product Features

  • Graphics card slot using the original into the connector, so that better contact with the graphics card. Graphics Card power supply using three FP solid capacitors, the graphics card power supply more stable and safe.
  • Transfer card with 6pin interface to strengthen the power supply, so that the graphics card from the motherboard independent of the board, so as to reduce the burden on the motherboard to accept the graphics card.
  • PCI-E connector with multi-layer shielded wire, the longest can be connected to 3M and not attenuate the signal.
  • Wire is relatively soft, easy to track, want to put the card that put it. PCI-E connector plug all gold-plated, more wear and increase the conductivity.
  • Slot with a fixed buckle, easy to remove the graphics card and fixed graphics, so that the graphics card will not fall off from the slot.