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PCI-E 1x to 16x Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable & MOLEX to SATA Power Cable – GPU Riser Extender Cable – Ethereum Mining ETH (6 Pack (007))

Upgrade Your Computer Hardware & Take Your Ethereum Mining Performance To A Whole Other Level Without Spending A Fortune! – Here’s How!

Looking for a high-performing PCI-E riser adapter card?

Want to turbo-charge your cryptocurrency mining performance?

Presenting The Ultimate PCI-E 1x To 16x Powered Riser Adapter Card By Genetek Electric!

Designed with an eye for detail, our premium adapter card set includes all the accessories you need in order to boost your Ethereum mining rig, whether it’s a small open-air rig or a large rack-based miner.

All you have to do is easily set up the Genetek Electric adapter card and add flexibility, performance and stability to your mining!

Here’s What You Get By Choosing The Genetek Electric PCI-E Adapter Card:

• 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable for maximum flexibility in the placement of your PCI-E devices

• MOLEX to SATA Extender Cable for direct connection to your power supply, which reduces the power burden on your motherboard

• PCI-E 16x Slot With Lock for super-easy removal and fixed graphics card

• Gold Plated contacts for longevity and impeccable connectivity

• 1x Adapter PCI-E card which can be inserted in any PCI-E Slot: 1x, 4x, 8x or 16x!

Attention! This Is For Serious Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Only!

You will finally be able to run your systems 24/7 without any worries and enhance your productivity!

Why are you still wasting your time with low-quality PCI-E adapters when you could have the most affordable and highest quality adapter card?

Perfect for all mining rigs, our all-in-one PCI-E adapter set is here to make your life easier!

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Product Features

  • BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE! – Discover the perfect solution for turbo-charging your Ethereum mining rigs! The mighty PCI-E 1x to 16x powered riser adapter card is here to make Ethereum mining easy and hassle-free!
  • START MINING LIKE A PROFESSIONAL! – Whether your mining rig is a small open air one or a large rack-based one, you can add stability and skyrocket its performance with our durable and cutting-edge PCI-E riser adapter card!
  • EXTEND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY! – The Genetek Electric PCI-E adapter card features a durable, 60cm USB 3.0 extension cable for maximum flexibility and a robust 4-pin MOLEX to 15-pin SATA power cable for direct connection and optimal motherboard performance!
  • YOUR CRYPTOCURRENCY STARTER’S PACK! – Perfect for both experienced Ethereum miners and bitcoin newbies, our all-inclusive PCI-E riser adapter card set is going to help you mini your cryptocurrency without skipping a beat!
  • 100% FASTER PERFORMANCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – We, at Genetek Electric, believe in offering you the highest quality Ethereum mining hardware at the most competitive prices! And if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you can return it within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund!