Oracle Blockchain Cloud for Business Self-Study Computer Based Training – CBT

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Participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Blockchain has been ushered in as one of the revolutionary technologies that can herald the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.
The course covers key features of blockchain technologies and the differentiators between various types of Hyperledger projects and the Oracle Blockchain Cloud platform.
You’ll understand the Blockchain flow, and how the hashes and chains create a new decentralised paradigm for you as an Oracle User.
Course Objectives:.
On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognise Foundational concepts of blockchain
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger systems in a business environment
  • Describe the Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Describe Ethereum blockchain, review its protocol
  • Explain the structure and operational aspects of Bitcoin blockchain
  • Compare different types of blockchains
  • Important concepts and key use cases of blockchain for business
  • Describe Blockchain solution components: wallets, ledgers, participants, consensus, security, and smart contracts
  • Describe the concept of hashing
  • Define elements of trust in blockchain and discuss the Consensus protocol
  • Explain the Hyperledger Fabric Project
  • Explain how blockchain works with Hyperledger fabric components
  • Provide an overview of the Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Provide an overview of the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

  • Roles and responsibilities of those who build a blockchain business network: Architects, Developers and Administrators

  • Certification: This course will assist in preparation for the Blockchain Training Alliance Certification exams

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