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Losga Bitcoin Coin Set | Featuring the Limited Edition Original Commemorative Tokens | Coins Come w/ a Plastic Square Display Case (Double Gold)

A New Golden Age Has Been Bestow Upon Mankind. Let Bitcoin Awaken Your Deepest Dreams.

If virtual cryptocurrency was real, it would look like this!
Metal bitcoin, this gold plated commemorative Bitcoin reads “”Bitcoin Commemorative Token. No Value. Decentralized Peer To Peer Network.”” This replica is not for actual Bitcoin currency and has no monetary value. It is great for Bitcoin Souvenir. Measures about the size of a U.S. Silver Dollar.

Age of Digital Currenecy
Who would have thought 20 years ago that today we trade and make a living through digital currency. It is not a physical bitcoin, you cant see, hold, or destroy bitcoin! You can expect in the future, all or most trades and currency with be done digitally.

Perfect Size for A Gift
Not too big, and not too small. Our bitcoin comes with a deluxe case for the perfect gift to anyone.
Weights as much as 4 quarters and holds the value of a city! Our bitcoin is gold plated and super shiny.

Bitcoin Is the New King.
$100 USD used to be everyones most sought after currency. Now it’s Bitcoin. Everywhere you go, there’s at least one person who’s either speaking about bitcoin coins or has a bitcion. Don’t be left out. The future is already here, take it now before it truly is too late!

1*Plastic Crystal Case for Bitcoin (Fits Perfect around the Bitcoin Coin)
2*Gold Bitcoin Coins

Product Features

  • GOLD PLATED: Looks 100% real, just like a pure gold coin. Not copper, brass, or silver which is cheap and low quality. These high quality deluxe commemorative token coins are great for displaying to you friends, workers, and at meetings.
  • CRAZY TREND: Welcome to the future! Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the new future. Be the first to own your very own miner gold plated bitcoin collection sold by Losga.
  • LIMITED EDITION: The bitcoin souvenir set is a great gift for anyone. The plastic case is for protecting the gold coin makes it looks better.
  • NEW ERA: Support bitcoin collectors coin and crypto coins. Crytocurrency allows freedom and no interference with government. It’s your time and money. Smart investing today can make you wealthy in the new era to come.
  • NOVELTY TOKEN SOUVENIR: Bitcoin Coin is a great present for Bitcoin Enthusiast, Crypto Coin, Ehtereum Coin or Cryptocurrency Coin Fan.