Hydra VI Ultra Wide 6U Case for 13 GPU Mining Rendering AI Servers, Triple PSU Ready

The Hydra 6 is a custom made 6U case for 13 GPU accelerated 3D modeling/rendering nodes and intense AI deep learning servers. You are able to iterate more often before finishing a project (i.e Octane, Redshift, V-RAY RT or Cinema 4Ds) and respond in real time to changes (i.e. risk modeling, pricing learning or scientific computing) using massive number of GPUs. The rear railing where the GPUs mount can be switched from 13 triple slot to 10 quadruple slot mounting patterns when using only 10 cards. This case supports thirteen full-length graphics cards, one ATX/Micro-ATX motherboard, and three power supplies for better power distribution. 6U height elevates the graphics cards above the motherboard and power supplies, helping you keep the cables organized underneath and out of critical airflow paths. Thick industrial quality steel offers outstanding strength and durability to hold all your cards without flexing for safer storage and transport. Extended distance from GPU to MB requires the use of PCI-E risers. This is the best enclosure type for HPC workstations/servers that generate a ton of heat. Closed cabinet provides critical active airflow management (front-to-back) to prevent hot exhaust air from circulating back into the equipment air intake.

Product Features

  • Massive case fits 13 triple-slot aftermarket cards with bigger PCB/cooler up to 330 mm length and 150 mm height.
  • Switchable to 10 quad-slot patterns for extreme expandability and airflow; Maximum performance across multiple GPUs.
  • Supports ATX/Micro-ATX mobo, 3 PSU, 10 or 13 GPU, and 14 x 120 mm fans; Zip tie points for neat cable routing.
  • Extra tall 6U chassis elevates your cards above the MB and PSU, and keeps the cables out of critical airflow paths.
  • Industrial quality steel with black powder coating for outstanding strength and durability.