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Gift Some Crypto Bitcoin “Paper Wallet” Plastic Card (5)

Enable your friends and family to join into the Bitcoin excitement with these plastic credit card sized “Paper Wallets”. Each package contains “Gift Some Crypto” plastic PVC printed cards with a full color printed front and a public address/private key pair on the back. The private keys are covered with a scratch off sticker for privacy and security. These cards come with UNUSED Bitcoin addresses that were generated on an airgapped, offline computer, and immediately deleted and wiped after bring printed. Each address/card is unused, and you must send bitcoins to the public address on the back. You can then gift the card to your friends and family and explain all of the benefits of bitcoin to them! When they have learned everything there is to learn about Bitcoin, and how to properly secure their Bitcoins, they can scratch off the silver covering the private key and import the private key into the wallet of their choice. Please note that these addresses are NOT STORED ANYWHERE and CANNOT BE RECOVERED if lost or stolen.

Product Features

  • Unused Public Address/Private key pairs
  • Created and printed on airgapped computer
  • Addresses are destroyed immediately after printing. Purchaser bears ALL responsibility for protecting the bitcoin private keys. Keys cannot be recovered if lost or stolen.
  • NO VALUE LOADED ON EACH CARD. Value must be loaded by purchaser before gifting.
  • Scratch off sticker cover private keys for security. If shrink wrap or silver scratch offs are broken, DO NOT USE.