GekkoScience 7-Port USB 2.0 Base Hub ⋆ High Power 100W 5V 18A Total, ~3A Power per Port, Engineered for High Power & Performance ⋆ Perfect for USB Miners Bitcoin/Crypto [NewPac, 2PAC, Moonlander]

The new 7 +1 Port Hyena USB Hub! This high-quality, high-power, performance USB hub can be used for general USB expansion on ANY PC/Laptop/MacBook/Device, and is absolutely PERFECT for USB Miners, or ANY power hungry devices! This hub has been designed from the ground up, using the highest quality parts, and now features 8-Ports. The USB Hub utilizes high-efficient regulators, to support even the most power hungry USB devices. THIS UNIVERSAL USB HUB WILL WORK OUT OF THE BOX FOR GENERAL USB EXPANSION! A QUALITY SIX (6) FOOT USB CABLE IS INCLUDED IN THE BOX!
This USB2.0 Hub is capable of providing 5V (Volts) 18A (Amps) total, while also providing ~3A of power per port. YOU WILL NEED A POWER SOURCE / POWER SUPPLY IN ORDER TO USE THIS USB HUB for devices requiring high power! Power can be provided via the 6-pin PCI-e port (using an efficient server PSU/breakout board, and standard 6-pin PCI-e cables), or by the 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack (frequently used with many other electronic devices like laptops, printers, old phones, or power tool chargers, and one likely lying around somewhere in your home). Features a 3-pin header to power cooling fans direct from hub! With this USB hub, a suitable 12VDC power source, and a cooling fan, it’s possible to run six NewPac sticks at 600MHz each for upwards of ~800GH.
TO USE WITH BITCOIN OR CRYPTO MINERS, YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN POWER SUPPLY FOR THIS PRODUCT, or purchase our USB hub and PSU bundle! [ ] For universality, there are two available power inputs (2.1/5.5mm Barrel Jack, or 6-pin PCI-e). A BRAND NEW, HIGH-QUALITY, 6 FOOT USB CABLE IS INCLUDED WITH THIS USB HUB, for FAST and EASY hookup! Works with ALL PC’s!

Any other sellers attempting to resell on this listing are likely selling this product WITHOUT adhering to the description. MinersSupply has received reports other sellers are NOT including USB cables and the like. MAKE SURE items are sold by MinersSupply!

Product Features

  • High Power, High Performance, Quality USB Hub
  • Perfect for USB Bitcoin & Crypto Miners
  • Provides Ample Power to Even the Most Power Hungry USB Devices
  • Can be Powered With an Efficient Server PSU or 2.1/5.5mm Barrel Jack
  • New for 2019