Galashield 50 Pack Disposable Hot Paper Coffee Cups with Lids 12 Oz Ripple with Stirring Straws and Napkins

Say Goodbye to the sleeves and welcome to the ripple!!!

Serve your friends the beverages they love without the risk of embarrassing accidents. No more burns to your fingers, whilst avoiding the need of a sleeve.

Our ripple paper cups are not only made with 3 layer design which makes it cool to the touch, but it’s also offers an elegant and reach design.

What’s included?

  • 12 Oz cups (50 pcs)
  • Snap-on and leak free lids (50 pcs)
  • 2-way double 7″ stirring straws (50 pcs)
  • Soft 2 ply napkins (50 pcs)
  • Tip!

    When inserting the lid to the cup make sure to press firmly on the rim, NOT on the top part of the lid. This will ensure that your coffee won’t leak and the lid won’t damage.

    Product Features

    • 53 cups, 50 lids, 50 stirring straws, 50 napkins
    • 15 Oz ripple cup with 3 layer design makes it cool to the touch without the need to use a sleeve
    • LEAK FREE GUARANTEE – tight fitting lids are 100% leak and spill free
    • 2-way double 7″ straws are more effective for stirring and sipping
    • High quality and soft 2 ply napkins (9″ x 9″ when unfolded)