FutureBit MoonLander 2 LiteCoin Scrypt Miner USB Stick

– 3 M/H to 5 M/H Scrypt performance per miner

– Uses about 1.5 W/MH for most of that range

– Core clock from 500mhz to nearly 1GHz!

– Fully customizable core voltage range from .6 – 1v

– Fully redesigned 5v->core voltage stage with about 95% efficiency

– Heavy duty/over speced parts were used to ensure wide range of operation (stick can be pushed to nearly 6mh if you can cool it)

– Status LEDs for power, TX and RX transmission

– Uses latest bfgminer 5.4 for control

– Will work with all Mac OS, Linux, and Windows based PCs, as well as RPi’s etc

Product Features

  • 3 – 5.5 M/H LiteCoin USB Miner Scrypt