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Feitian JuBiter Wallet: A Safe Bluetooth Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

JuBiter wallet makes transactions over either USB (Coming soon) or Bluetooth. Transactions can be easily completed by using the companion application (JuBiter Wallet. Available in Google Play & App Store) on mobile devices or computers.

Built-in OLED display shows the details of every transaction. The SE directly connected display eliminates the possibility of man in the middle attacks.

CC EAL6+ Secure element.
High security Java OS developed by the team with CC EAL 5+ OS development experience. Wallet seed never leaves the secure element.

BIP39 compliant. Restore wallet from any other wallet by using recovery phrases. Restoration process is completely conducted offline.

Currency management:
Easily add/delete currencies on the wallet by using the wallet PC management tool. Support BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens for now. More currencies are coming.

Work as a FIDO U2F security key. Can be used over USB on PC with your Google, Facebook, Github, Dropbox etc. accounts.

Product Features

  • Make and receive crypto currency transactions. Support BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Currency updatable.
  • Store your crypto wallet seed in a completely isolated CC EAL 6+ secure element with secure JAVA OS.
  • Single chip hardware structure design. Absolutely no extra MCU/Co-processor used.
  • Bluetooth enabled. Easily making transactions on your Android/iOS devices.
  • Use as a U2F token. Super slim and compact body.