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Ethereum: How to make 36 times your money in 1 year

Is the recent fall in Ethereum prices an Opportunity? – YES, but only if you know how to turn it into one

” The initial price of Ether was established at 200 ETH for every BTC. This implied that one ETH was worth a couple of cents at the most. Things sure did change for Ethereum by the time the trading price of Ethereum was recorded at $407 in July 2017. This means that there has been an almost 5000% rise in the price of ETH. Ethereum, also happens to be the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, right behind Bitcoin, which has been valued at $48.9 billion….BUY NOW TO CONTINUE READING ! “

The book contains information about:

  • Deciding if Ethereum is for you
  • How to buy Ethereum
  • How to sell Ethereum
  • How to use Ethereum
  • How to mine Ethereum….and pretty much everything you need to know

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