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Ethereum: Complete Guide to Understanding Ethereum, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, ICOs, and Decentralized Apps

Bitcoin has had no significant rivals for dominance of the cryptocurrency market until Ethereum. The market size of Ethereum is now over 30 billion dollars and growing rapidly.

Microsoft, IBM, and other major companies are building applications and infrastructure for the Ethereum network. Ethereum has created not just a new currency but an entirely new way to build and run computer and web programs. Ethereum is also changing the way industries handle contracts with the creation of smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This revolution in computing is just get started, with Ethereum currently less than two years old.

Understanding Ethereum now could equip you with the knowledge ahead of a major technological revolution in these early stages of development. After listening to this audiobook, you will understand how to easily set up an Ether wallet and then buy and trade Ether. You do not need to have any computer or finance background to understand this audiobook; it is designed to be as accessible as possible to beginners with no exposure to Bitcoin. This audiobook always contains information about mining Ether including cloud mining and more advanced Ethereum topics.

In this book you will learn :   

  • What is blockchain? 
  • How blockchain technology works
  • What are decentralized apps? 
  • What is the Ethereum network? 
  • What is Ether?
  • The history of Ethereum
  • The Ethereum hard fork and Ether Classic
  • Difference between Ether and Bitcoin
  • Benefits of using Ether
  • Smart contracts
  • Disadvantages/dangers of using Ether
  • Setting up an Ether wallet
  • Buying, selling, and trading Ether
  • Sending and receiving Ether
  • Ethereum mining
  • How is Ether mined?
  • Ether and other cryptocurrencies
  • Impact of Ether
  • The future of Ether
  • And more….