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DA CHOCOLATE Souvenir Candy BITCOIN Chocolate Gift Set Cryptocurrency design 5x5in 1 box (Orange)

Do you know people who still are not familliar with the modern world cryptocurrencies? Have you tried to enlighten them and it was tiresome and hard? This set comes with a perfect solution! You can give it to a person who doesn’t know all the quirks about Bitcoin so he can learn everything and have a tasty dessert. You can also buy this just as a souvenir for yourself. A box with sliding bottom lets you put something inside after you eat all the chocolate so you can store your precious crypto-wallet password inside a box and hang it on your fridge using a durable magnet on it’s backside!

DA CHOCOLATE proposes a variety of gift sets that will satisfy your present needs for every occasion.

Product Features

  • Gift set has a MAGNET on it’s backside so you can hang it on your fridge.
  • 9 pieces of high-quality chocolate in a uniquely designed box for a comprehensive introduction to bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies.
  • Arrives ready to give in a creative carton box with sliding bottom. Also if you buy two sets in one order they will arrive in a present box with a bow.
  • Each of the 9 wrappers contains facts about Bitcoin: “Who created Bitcoin, How to use Bitcoin, About Bitcoin emission”
  • «Bitcoin transaction is fast», «A finite number of bitcoins», «How to buy bitcoin», «Bitcoin is non-repudiable», «Bitcoin: a lot of trust and security», «Bitcoin is anonymous»