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Cryptocurrency Digital Revolution: Blockchain The Future of Internet

Blockchain is here to stay…

Earliest known ideas of a practical digital currency started around the late 1980s. The first version of actual real-life implementation was introduced by anonymous people, known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. This implementation was Bitcoin, digital currency working on the blockchain, providing functions never seen before. In the present you may have heard of Bitcoin, and think yourself: “is it too late for me to get in now” let me ask you. How do you value a currency that functions quickly without the need for a middleman, and has less than 21 million coins available? There’s a lot more that goes into it, but these are the very basic principles of Bitcoin. Before making your educated decision on the matter, let me provide you with the facts. Neither cryptocurrencies nor blockchain is nowhere near mass adoption level, meaning you have the opportunity to learn the concept and decide for yourself if you see the potential. Being there “before everyone else” obviously has its benefits, like one Bitcoin being barely above 1000$ at the beginning of 2017. This book will introduce you to the revolutionary world of cryptocurrencies and beyond. Suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Some of the concepts you’ll learn about:

  • Starting off with an explanation for you to properly understand how the technology works
  • Every necessary term is clearly explained and easy to navigate
  • Pleasant to read with occasional ideas to keep in mind, see the bigger picture
  • How the blockchain can be used to revolutionize the world
  • Unbiased analysis & summaries
  • Actual practical advice for those interested to get involved
  • Learn more than the majority of beginners know about cryptocurrencies
  • Separate PDF guide for free when you get the book

… and much more! Are you ready to take the first step into the digital future? Starting here…!