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Cryptocurrency: Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum

If you stumbled upon this book, then you must have an interest in cryptocurrency. Maybe, however, the subject isn’t all that clear for you. This book will tell you all about this new form of digital gold. if you are considering investing or if you just want to get some information regarding cryptocurrency, this book is for you.
Whether you have some previous knowledge of cryptocurrency or none at all, you will find valuable information in this book that will help introduce you to what life with cryptocurrency is really like.
Furthermore, we will explore what it might mean for our future, and how this revolutionary development could advance us into the futuristic world that we all fantasized about as kids.

But what is cryptocurrency, exactly? A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to track purchases and transfers. To sum up: cryptocurrency is the new evolution of money.
In this book you will find the last three manuscripts by Leonard Eddison on the following subjects:
Blockchain: A Deep Dive Into Blockchain: this book will focus on the Blockchain technology and the terms that it uses, along with the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform
Bitcoin: A Deep Dive Into Bitcoin In The Age Of Cryptocurrency: This book will provide you with great insight as to what cryptocurrency is itself, as well as what bitcoin is and how it was developed. You will understand the technical side of the coin, the monetary side of the coin, and what it could mean for our society as a whole.
Ethereum: A Deep Dive Into Ethereum: could very well become the future of digital trading. In this book you will learn everything about the world of Ethereum and how you can use it, so that it benefits you.
Through this read you will learn everything that you need to know about cryptocurrency, including why it is such a hot topic and what has gotten people so excited about the idea of an entirely new digital reality, right here on earth.