Crypto Predicto Talking Ball – What Cryptocurrency to Buy? Ask Mr. Predicto & He Speaks the Answers – Lights Up & Talks – Like a New Generation Magic 8 Ball For Your Bitcoin Coin & Digital Currency

Own the Fortune Telling Talking Ball That Knows the Future of Crypto!

Want to know what crypto to buy, sell or HODL? Love the original magic 8 ball? Then you’ll LOVE this mysterious talking ball that knows the future of the crypto market!

– Just ask Mr. Predicto any question about cryptocurrency, and using his eerily accurate fortune telling abilities, he will speak to tell you his answer. Comes alive with a simple wave of your hand!

– With over 100 possible answers and advanced tech LED lights that react to the mystical music and sound effects, Crypto Predicto is the fun and exciting way to find out what your future in crypto will be.

– For best results, turn the lights off in your room and get ready for a creepy crypto experience!

– Hodlers and traders of crypto go crazy for the exciting experience Mr Predicto gives them with his chillingly accurate predictions, making a fun gift for anyone who is interested in digital currencies!

Crypto Predicto will give you chills with every single answer!  Click “ADD TO CART” now to find out what your future in crypto has in store! 

*Mr Predicto is for entertainment purposes only and is in no way financial advice. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, please seek the advice of a financial advisor.

Product Features

  • THE FORTUNE TELLING TALKING BALL THAT KNOWS CRYPTO – Want to buy crypto? Ask Mr. Predicto! His knowledge of digital currencies is spookily accurate and he’ll give you chills as he talks back to you in answer to your cryptocurrency questions. Fans of the original magic 8 ball and funny novelty gifts, plus all things bitcoin, blockchain and ICOs, will love it – especially if you’re a bitcoin miner or owner of the Ledger Nano S Wallet!
  • ASK HIM A QUESTION & HE’LL SPEAK THE ANSWER – If you’re dying to know what currency to buy, what coins to HODL, sell, start mining or what ICO tokens to invest in, then you need Mr Predicto’s mystic powers to predict your future. There are over 100 possible answers related to crypto currencies and it works with just a simple wave of your hand. At 3.6 inches tall and 3.8 inches in diameter it’s so small & lightweight, you can pop it in your bag for on-the-go predictions!
  • ADVANCED TECH THAT LIGHTS UP & TALKS!! – Crypto Predicto is no ordinary magic ball. As you wait to hear Mr Predicto’s eerie answer, the LED light technology reacts to the mystical music and haunting background sound effects. To create a fun and spooky atmosphere, turn off the lights in your room and wait to benefit from his genius clairvoyant insights. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is! It’s futuristic stuff and the next generation of magic eight ball!
  • HIS PREDICTIONS WILL TAKE YOU TO THE MOON – As a fortune teller, only Mr. Predicto can foresee the future for 100 different coins in your bitcoin wallet or other hardware wallet, so get ready for that Lambo as he reveals the answers to your most important questions. Standard answers can include all of your favorite physical crypto coins like: Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and Digibyte.
  • A FUN EXPERIENCE FOR CRYPTO LOVERS – Crypto Predicto is a perfect novelty toy for people who enjoy magic games, real magic eight ball, tarot card reading & ouija board. It’s not just a funny gag gift, magic toy or desk toy for the office for adults. It’s for fans of upside down magic, retro toys & mattel games. Funny office gifts & Halloween gifts. This product is not a Magic 8 Ball nor is it associated in any way with the Magic 8 Ball. Magic 8 Ball is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.