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Create your own ICO in Ethereum Blockchain: How to create, verify and market your Altcoin

. In this book I am going to present all the options I have used to create my own altcoins in Ethereum Blockchain. You don’t need programming skills to create your own Altcoin and of course not a huge capital to spend for its creation. For most of my altcoins I spent an average $ 2 to 3 to be confirmed on the Ethereum network for each one. Before you jump and create your altcoins, please think which are your motivations to create your own altcoin. We know that the majority of altcoins will fail the next 5 years and the most of the people know that. In my case I started out of curiosity and so far I have created around 12+ altcoins with exotic names such as Chocolate coin, Beer coin, Vodka coin….. I understand that people don’t trust these coins, so you need to consider which is the value to your target group (and potential your clients). My altcoins can be easily replaced by Ethereum ( ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC), because BTC and ETH have established brand names, a team of engineers who are working in daily basis to improve its infrastructure and a huge community to support them. From the other hand look for example Dogecoin (DOGE): it started as a joke, it has unlimited supply and it is almost a replica of Bitcoin code. Despite these facts it has a huge supportive community and it is one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in the market. From my perspective the community is the most important key element of the success of an altcoin. If you find a community to support your altcoin or a target group which you can provide a solution to them, you can have a successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Every day we hear in the news that startup companies issue ICO’s and they manage to rise millions of dollars. Most of the time they offer tokens for a specific price (which is lower before they go public to a crypto exchange market) and the investor is betting on the fact that the price of the token will rise in the near future. This specific business model is amazing for fund rising as people from all over the world can buy tokens and offer capital to the company. People without investing account (for traditional stock market) can buy tokens or fragment of them (that is not possible for a normal stock from a company) with low capital and they can achieve ROI (Return of Investment) of 100 to 10,000%. I am not a financial advisor and please ask for a support of a certified financial advisor if you want to invest your capital in the cryptomarket, but I believe in the following 3 facts: 1. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, same way as Internet came 25 years ago in our life 2. Not all Cryptocurrencies will survive the next 5 years 3. They are opportunities to expand your business with the Altcoin concept, if you are honest and you can provide a robust solution to your clients