Blockchain: The Latest Beginner’s Guide about Cryptocurrency, the Facebook Coin Libra, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and All Altcoins

Blockchain and cryptocurrency mining has received a lot of attention in the past decade. Subsequently, it is, therefore, understandable that so many books, articles, and publishing have been released for public information in the past few years about the subject matter of “blockchain”. A major loophole in recent publications is that they haven’t specifically described the working process of blockchain in ways that a non-specialist can understand; this book, however, breaks down the working process of blockchain to details that anyone can understand. If you are interested in learning the intricate working processes of blockchain or you’re just looking to gather more general information, then this book is for you. Instead of searching through a plethora of books online without valuable information and getting yourself sunken into the vast abyss of nonsensical books that are sometimes too brief or too advance, this book breaks it down from the ground up. The technicality of crypto books might also cause you to lose interest totally, something which could be avoided if you found yourself a good book that discusses everything in a way that both beginners and experts can understand.

Many books on blockchain and cryptocurrency generally tend to be one sided, although some may be more detailed than the others.

The purpose of this book is to build a bridge between the more sophisticated books that are based on too much technicality about and the more novice-based books that only provide very little information. This breakdown also involves reduction of complex words and big terminologies to the minimum. Descriptions of terminologies were also defined objectively.

The essence of writing this book was to provide a basic understanding of the in-depth basis of blockchain creation and development that is required to understand the applications and functions of blockchain, to understand the implementation of blockchain in business and enterprise, to understand the financial and economic implementations as well. It will be difficult to grasp the full potential of blockchain implementations, functioning, and development without a full understanding of the basis and background information, and I believe that’s the sole purpose of your listening. Additionally, asides from blockchain and crypto mining, this book also aims to help you understand the basics and working processes of some famous coins out there like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple coin, Libra (the new coin from Facebook), Monero, ZCash, EOS, Stellar, Tron, and NEO. You would also be getting the knowledge of centralization (which coin is centralized and which coin is decentralized). 

In order to understand a new technology, there are certain questions that we need to ask: We have to know what it is, what does it do, why do we need it, and what are its working processes.