Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies and Everything about the Fintech Explained

Blockchain is not just Bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency. Its functions and potential extends far beyond that and will definitely benefit many other industries. It has been referred to as the next coming of the internet. Researchers and technologists alike are talking about how the blockchain technology is going to affect the industries from finance to retail to even healthcare. Governments, banks and global companies are rushing to study and embrace this underlying technology of Bitcoin. However, does the blockchain technology really deserves all these attention or is it just another bubble waiting to burst? Is the blockchain technology really that revolutionary as the world expects it to be? In this book, we’ll look at the blockchain technology from all perspective. We will talk about its good, its bad and why everyone is paying attention to it. Things that will be discussed in this book: What is the blockchain? How does blockchain works? Benefits of blockchain technology The problem that blockchain addresses Why blockchain technology is so revolutionary? What is Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies? What is smart contract? Limitations of blockchain technology Applications of blockchain technology And more….