Bitcoin: Understanding Bitcoin, Mining, Investing & Trading for Beginners (The Cryptomasher Series) (Volume 1)

BITCOIN Bitcoin has often be referred to as ‘Digital Gold’. It’s no wonder as it has increased in value like no other currency before it, topping a whopping $7000! This book on the #1 cryptocurrency is intended for a complete novice. Written in a simple and easy-to-follow format, this is guaranteed to help you get your foothold in the complex world of the decentralized digital currency and set you ahead of the game. Within the pages of this book, you will learn: • What is Bitcoin (BTC) & how Bitcoin came about • What is blockchain technology • What is Bitcoin wallet • What is SegWit and the Lightning Network • What is Bitcoin mining, mining pool • What caused the Bitcoin Fork • A brief overview about Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) • Bitcoin transactions for business But that is not all! You will also learn: • How to earn Bitcoin • How to secure your Bitcoins • Tips for Bitcoin investing and Bitcoin trading with risk management techniques • Various types of Bitcoin wallets as well as their Pros and Cons • The uses of Bitcoin currency • and much more! Download the first book in the series from Cryptomasher to secure your future in the future of currencies!