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Bitcoin Silicone Bracelets (6 pack)

Show your pride by wearing some Bitcoin bracelets! Whether you’re an enthusiast, hobbyist, or business, everyone can benefit from wearing one of these! “Well, what are some ideas and uses for those?” Glad you asked! 1. Your employees can wear the bands to promote your business accepting Bitcoin! This includes but is not limited to: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Faires, Convention Booths, Weekend Art Festivals, Website Giveaways, etc! 2. Strangers often ask about Bitcoin followed by the “I always forget to read up on it”, gift it to a stranger! They’ll never forget you. ūüôā 3. Display your love for something that’s not only just a hobby, but a new way of life! 4. Buy one for your friends and family, it can serve as a friendly reminder on what to get for your birthday! These are just some ideas, but the opportunities are endless. Comes in a pack of six. You will receive x3 Bitcoin Bracelets and x3 We Love Bitcoin Bracelets in one bundle of love.

Product Features

  • Includes: x3 Bitcoin Bracelets & x3 We Love Bitcoin Bracelets.
  • Material: Soft Silicone; it won’t get in the way!
  • Unisex: The perfect gift for your friends, clients, or collegues.
  • Designed by: crypt0queen #freenode