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Bitcoin Profits Crash Course: How to Make Money With Bitcoin in 7 Days or Less! The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading

The Secret to Making Money with Bitcoin…

Bitcoin has crashed into the public consciousness in the last few months, but what exactly is it? In this book, you’ll not only find out what Bitcoin and its fellow cryptocurrencies really are, but how to get started making money in the world of the blockchain.

Most people think of Bitcoin as a digital dollar bill, but it’s a whole lot more than that. Based on revolutionary technology and a new way of thinking about the financial system we rely on, it brings the promise of fundamental change to the way we store, spend and save money. Not to mention the promise of a new form of investment for you as an individual consumer.

Delve into the world of Bitcoin from the very beginning

In this book, you’ll find out where Bitcoin came from and why. Discover the financial disaster that birthed a new industry and the reasons it became so popular, so fast, as well as the reasons it will likely be sticking around for the long haul.

Learn about the technology that made Bitcoin possible

Most people are still confused about Bitcoin and the technology that makes it popular. That’s understandable – it’s a brand new way of thinking. In this book, you’ll discover:

·         How the blockchain made it possible to throw bank managers and regulators to the curb

·         The myths and mysteries of cryptocurrencies – and the truth behind them

·         What made Bitcoin different from any other currency on the planet

Start your Bitcoin investments right now

Discover the principles of Bitcoin investment that will help you stand strong in a volatile environment, from learning how to ignore temptation to thinking in the long term and making sure that you and your investments are protected.

Buy your very first Bitcoins

In this book, you’ll learn the basics of getting involved in Bitcoin and how to take those first important steps in this whole new world. You’ll find out about:

·         Bitcoin addresses and how they keep you protected

·         Finding your first coins and acquiring them

·         Choosing your first Bitcoin exchange

Discover plentiful investment opportunities

This book will open up the world of Bitcoin to you, from investing in short and long term opportunities to investing in new companies and devising your own strategy from the future. You’ll discover:

·         What a Contract for Differences is and how to make it profitable

·         How to become a Bitcoin miner

·         How to make money through Initial Coin Offerings

·         How to loan your coins to other investors

Start making money in the Bitcoin environment right now!

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