Bitcoin: everything you need to know in 20 minutes (20 Minute Guide Series) (Volume 1)

BITCOIN 20 Minute guide. In the BITCOIN 20 Minute guide we cover all the basics on the new paradigm of money – Cryptocurrency – notably BITCOIN. We start with a broad overview of just what is money. Money is not as simple as most people think. Money is an accounting system and a means of exchange. We delve into a brief history of money, from Barter to Tokens, to Chinese Flying capital, gold, and silver and then to notes, and finally into what we use as money today – Fiat currency. Then in the BITCOIN 20 Minute guide, we define just what Bitcoin is. With the overview of what is money and its history, it becomes clear how Bitcoin and all encrypted 21st-century money fits into the picture. This history of money makes it evident why Bitcoin is not only money but the many advantages it has over today’s unsecured, third-party controlled Sovereign States money. We then get into the nuts and bolts of how to purchase Bitcoin in the U.S and globally, how to sell it, where you can spend it, where to store it, and finally the global political and legal issues sovereign countries are putting in place to attempt to control the private, free and open borders benefits of Bitcoin. For the past 100,000 years of money, there have only been five revolutionary changes in what the world has called money. Cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin will become the sixth iteration of money. We are living in a new era, traveling into exciting, but uncharted waters.