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Bitcoin Chocolate Coins – Gluten Free, Solid Milk Chocolates , Kosher Certified Gelt | Cryptocurrency Themed Souvenir, Party Favor or Fun Gift for Chocolate Easter Basket or Easter Chocolate Candy

Bitcoin, the Decentralized peer-to-peer Digital Currency. Bitcoin BTC is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system which is rapidly growing in popularity and was invented by an unknown programmer (or possibly a group of programmers), under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it is also the Hottest Cryptocurrency Today. Bitcoin has taken the world of finance by storm because it is the first successful decentralized digital currency. Still in its early stage, this digital coin is already a multi BILLION dollar economy. Why is Bitcoin special? It’s better then currency because its not physical and you can make large transactions with it, which is super convenient. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated in the digital world is extremely valuable. If people are smart many of the Business giants will build on that idea. Conventional currency relies on a third party, whom you may or may not trust but need to work through anyway. With Cryptocurrencies you don’t have to deal with banks, which are responsible for credit bubbles with very little in reserve. Impress your friends and display these chocolate coins on your Bitcoin Blockchain Trading Desk or bring it to your next Bitcoin Meetup. Join the Revolution and Be a Part of History in the Making. We love Everything Cryptocurrency and so should you. This is our new reality, a new era on Earth! Interested in new technology, I came across the Bitcoin topic some time ago. Bitcoins are a decentralized peer-to-peer (transferred from person to person) digital currency which means there is no central authority like banks or governments behind the currency and the transaction process is done by a network of private computers. These chocolate make for a great gift on Easter put it in a Chocolate Easter basket .

Product Features

  • 【About The Chocolate】 100% Belgian Chocolate Produced By Of The Oldest And Most Renowned Chocolatiers. Using Only The Highest Quality Ingredients, Our Chocolate Offers A Rich And Luxurious Taste Experience. Memorable Gelt For Easter Chocolate or Chocolate Easter Basket Candy
  • 【Attention To Detail】25 Chocolate Gold Bitcoins Wrapped In Elegant Foil Bitcoin Embossed Packaging In A Heat Sealed Pouch To Ensure Amazing Freshness And Taste. Each Coin Is 1-½” (38mm) In Diameter.
  • 【Certifications】 Our Chocolate Products Are Certified Kosher Dairy Under The Supervision Of The Kashruth Division Of The Orthodox Union. Produced In A Gluten Free Factory
  • 【J28】 Not Just Any Chocolate Coin, But Rather A Beautifully Stamped, Exceptionally Tasting Chocolate Bitcoin. For Your Next Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Party Or Promotional Piece For Your Next Cryptocurrency Campaign Or Get Together.