Betting On Cryptocurrencies: Your Gateway To Making Millions

The easiest 45-minute non-technical introduction to cryptocurrency investing!

You have less time than you think to start investing. Cryptocurrency is the money of the future whether you believe it or not. This book aims to give the reader a better understanding of the things going on behind the scenes. While cryptocurrencies are getting a bad reputation from Mainstream Media, the elites and Wall Street are buying up cryptocurrencies by the millions at rock bottom prices. If you want to get in on the action and change your financial life forever, this book shows you how and where.

Betting On Cryptocurrencies: Your Gateway To Making Millions offers simple guidance on how to make money investing in the space, no matter what your pocketbook can afford. You will find out how to navigate the space and choose cryptocurrencies that can make you a profit. Whether you are looking for capital gains, passive income, and or store your currencies securely, that is shared with you.

  • Get a firsthand non-technical introduction to how blockchain works
  • Learn how to screen and choose the right cryptocurrency investment
  • Where to buy your cryptocurrencies and how to get started
  • Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity for financial freedom
  • Make your first million dollars with very little capital

    This book explores the most important things a “Day One” beginner needs to know about cryptocurrencies and gets them started. Learn to navigate the space yourself and select an investment strategy right for you and your family. Happy investing.