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Aizics Mint Ripple Gold Commemorative Collector’s Edition Coin. 24kt Gold Plated. Unique Design 2018

This is a beautiful 24kt gold plated RIPPLE cryptocurrency coin. Inspired by the rise in value of cryptocurrency, this is a unique RIPPLE coin that you can carry with you! Presented in a plastic collector case, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, stating that it is, in-fact an Aizics Mint original cryptocurrency product.

Product Features

  • Stunning 40mm x 3mm collectible coin, plated in 24kt gold, in a plastic case.
  • Add these to your cryptocurrency wallet, while you read the charts.
  • Are you in to mining Cryptocurrency? Blockchain? Bitcoin? This is crypto you can carry!
  • These coins are a lot of fun. Whether you made money or lost money, there is a lot of sentimental value in these authentic items.
  • Consider this your cryptocurrency exchange. Like Dogecoin, Litecoin and others.