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2PCs Gold Plated Ripple Coins XRP | Perfect Novelty Gift or Souvenir for Blockchain and Ripple Coin Enthusiasts

What is Ripple? Ripple coin is the name for both a digital currency (XRP) and an open payment network within which that currency is transferred. It is a distributed, open-source payments system that’s still in beta. The goal of the ripple system, according to its website, is to enable people to break free of the “walled gardens” of financial networks – ie, credit cards, banks, PayPal and other institutions that restrict access with fees, charges for currency exchanges and processing delays. What does Ripple do? According to is OpenCoin, the company behind ripple, the currency addresses the need to keep money flowing freely. A company blog post titled “Ripple and the Purpose of Money” gives a brief history of money and its transportability, and points to the frustration of having banks and other institutions impede the transfer of funds with transaction fees and processing delays. The goal of Ripple, it says, is to build on the decentralized digital currency approach set by bitcoin and do “for money what the internet did for all other forms of information” Is Ripple coin like Bitcoin? In many ways, yes. Like Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP unit is a digital form of currency based on mathematical formulae and has a limited number of units that can ultimately be mined. Both forms of currency can be transferred from account to account (peer-to-peer, or P2P) without the need for any intervening third party. And both provide digital security to guard against the possibility of counterfeit coins. Why is Ripple described as “free(ish)” rather than free? Ripple xrp doesn’t collect transaction fees the way PayPal, banks and credit cards do. However, it does take “a small portion of a ripple” from each transaction. That amount is destroyed rather than retained. The deduction is meant as to safeguard against the system being swamped by any one individual who might try to put through millions of transactions at once.

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