GDPR: restricting access to project statistics downloads

Hi everyone,

we’d like to announce that we’re going to disable anonymous access to our project statistics downloads, becoming effective tomorrow, June 14th at 15:00 CEST. The reasoning behind this move is the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its obligation concerning the publication of personal information of our users. We’ve discussed this matter with our community beforehand and found a way that seems to be acceptable for most. Fear not, the following services and projects already registered individual access accounts with us and will therefore be able to gather our statistics data as usual:

  • BOINCstats
  • BOINC Combined Statistics
  • Free-DC
  • GridRepublic
  • Gridcoin

We’re also planning to add a new feature that will allow individual users to fetch their statistics data automatically and in machine readable form (presumably XML). We’re going to announce that and further related changes as soon as they’re ready.