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Volunteer from Ecuador Loves Making a Difference

Grace Merizalde hails from Ecuador, where she works in IBM’s Global Technology Services (GTS) division. During more than 30 years of service at IBM, Grace has filled a number of roles such as computer center analyst, billing analyst, and project support for GTS in Ecuador. She is also a World Community Grid volunteer.

“I learned about World Community Grid about six years ago from one of my co-workers. Even though I’ve changed computers frequently over the years, I have re-installed the software and I keep contributing. The types of projects that World Community Grid runs are very important to me, especially those related to health.”

So far, Grace has supported most of the health-related projects as well as others such as Computing for Clean Water. “When I first learned about this project, I was immediately interested,” says Grace. “Everyone in the world should think hard every time they waste the water that nature generously provides to us.”

Grace was thrilled that someone from Ecuador was chosen to be highlighted as a World Community Grid volunteer. She says, “I love knowing that I can contribute to making our planet a better place. No matter where someone is from, we can all make a difference.”