Our Move to IBM Cloud

15 May 2017   

Our move to IBM Cloud began on the morning of May 15. This article includes updates for volunteers.

As we announced in April, we have begun our move to the IBM Cloud, a new hosting environment which will prepare us for years of growth. 

Our website and forum are now moved to IBM Cloud. Also, your devices can resume sending us any completed tasks, but cannot yet report those tasks as completed; this capability will be enabled later.

We’re in the process of migrating other various mechanisms which handle the sending of new research tasks, and will update this article as those capabilities are made available again.

As various parts of our system go up, there could be an initial delay for volunteers’ ability to access those parts.

No action is required by most volunteers, as our systems will resume sending and receiving research tasks once the migration is complete. However, for individuals or organizations who have restricted firewall rules, you may need to update those rules in order to continue contributing, by allowing connections to our new IP address (