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Findings from Nutritious Rice for the World Project Made Public

By: Dr. Ling-Hong Hung
University of Washington
8 Mar 2017   

The data from the Nutritious Rice for the World project is now available on a web server built by the researchers, and they recently published a short paper about their findings.

The findings of the Nutritious Rice for the World project were recently published in an open access paper, making them available to the public and any researchers who wish to use the information for their own work.

The objective of the project was to predict the structure of proteins of major strains of rice, which could someday help farmers breed better rice strains. Determining the structure of proteins is an extremely difficult and expensive process, and there are thousands of distinct proteins found in rice. Therefore, we turned to World Community Grid to assist with this daunting task. 

We have described our work in a short paper that has been posted to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory‘s BiorXiv pre-print server. Researchers can now read about how the Nutritious Rice for the World project’s rice structures were generated and the best models chosen. The paper also describes the web server which allows scientists to find a particular protein of interest and download the structures. The formats and query procedure are described in detail to facilitate the use of the server and the protein structures. The entire dataset can also be downloaded upon request.

Depending on the usage and response, we may submit the paper for publication in a more formal journal. However, publishing this paper officially concludes the project. We thank the members of World Community Grid for donating their time to the Nutritious Rice for the World project. It has been an honor to participate in this project and have support from so many volunteers.