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BOINC Developers and Leaders Gather in the UK

30 Aug 2018   

This year’s annual BOINC Workshop was held at University of Oxford and focused on the BOINC platform’s future development.

This graphic was part of Kevin Reed’s presentation about the BOINC community and how it works.

The Oxford e-Research Centre at University of Oxford recently hosted the BOINC Workshop 2018.

BOINC, which stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, is an open-source software platform that supports volunteer computing. You can learn more about how BOINC is structured here.

World Community Grid project manager Juan Hindo, and technical team members Kevin Reed and Keith Uplinger, represented World Community Grid at the event.

This year’s workshop included topics such as:

  • How the new GDPR regulations may affect BOINC projects
  • BOINC’s technical development over the past year
  • Discussion of BOINC review, testing, and release processes
  • Overview of current BOINC projects
  • An open discussion on working together for the betterment of BOINC

Kevin Reed, who serves as Chairman of the BOINC Project Management Committee (PMC), gave a presentation on the development of the BOINC community. Keith Uplinger, Secretary of the BOINC PMC, discussed Google Test (a unit testing library for C++). Juan Hindo gave the group an overview of World Community Grid to the group.

You can see all of the presentations from the workshop here, and listen to audio from the conference here.