EXPLOMOS Latest PCI-E Express Cable 1X TO 16X Graphics Extension Ethereum ETH Mining Powered Riser Adapter Card, 60cm USB 3.0 Cable, 4 Solid Capacitors (VER 008S, 6-Pack)

The USB 1x adapter is horizontal versus vertical. Please check the pictures for more details.

Attention please:

1. This product is suitable for motherboard with PCI-E slot. Please plug in the power of floppy
drive while using it. Make sure the computer is out of power when you plug in or out the
PCI-E extension cable.
2. The cables inside are specially made. Please do not replace them with other cables.
3. To prevent ruining your computers and other equipment, please find the right end to
plug in the cable.
4. Use old flat cable for Dual core graphics card and 16X motherboard.
5. Since there are three power options on the card, the four mounting holes on the card
locate a little differently from those cards that have only one power option. See the location
details in pictures.
6. Please contact us if you have any issue with the product.


1. 4 Solid Capacitors on each card.
2. 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable.
3. 4PIN, SATA and Graphic card 6PIN interface, three interface optional.
4. No drivers needed.
5. Perfect to set up Ethereum mining rigs
6. 4 Holes on the riser card to fasten.
7. LED indicator and fuse are used on the board.
8. Board dimensions: 13cm x 4.4cm x 1.2cm

Package includes:

6x PCI-E 16X riser board
6x PCI-E 1X adapter card
6x 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable

Product Features

  • Attention: The USB 1X adapter is horizontal versus vertical. The mounting holes are located differently from other risers since there are three power options on our riser. Please check the pictures for more details.
  • STABLE CABLE: 60cm USB 3.0 cable, very soft and easy to place and route. Cable with shield net inside is more stable for mining. PCI-E 1x to 16x powered riser adapter card with multi-layer shielded wire will not weaken the signal within 3 meters.
  • VER 008S: Version 008S riser kits are the newest and top of the line solution for setting up GPU mining rigs. STABLE and SAFE: 4 Solid Capacitors deliver power to Graphics stably and safely.
  • REDUCE MOTHERBOARD BURDEN: 4PIN, SATA and Graphic card 6PIN interface are optional to power, which provides Graphic card independent power and reduces motherboard burden when using more Graphic cards. WIDELY APPLICABLE: Suitable for all Window systems, LINUX and MAC.
  • WARRANTY: Free replacement and money back guarantee. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help about our products.


  • eLeet

    No Duds, No DOA, Hi Quality! USB port orientation on 1x adapter. I ordered these for my new 8 GPU Mine since all other brands I’ve purchased have caused countless hours of troubleshooting and determining which riser, cable, adapter was bad. All of these cards work great! Many power options (molex, sata, 6 pin pcie, I use molex) 1st brand that ALL of them worked. I purchased Explomos PCIe risers as well as their m.2 adapters. No duds, no parts DOA. Victony, MintCell and other brands (I’ve tried them all) at least 30% of the cards I purchased were DOA. I also…

  • Thomaswde

    GREAT RISER! GREAT SUPPORT! Awkward USB position on the riser plug for some motherboards . . . IMPORTANT NOTE:Notice that this riser’s PCIe x 1 slot plug has the USB port on the side rather then the top as is typical. This is fine on some motherboards, on others it can be an issue. My 12 card rig is using a AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ where it’s fine however on my 6 card rig I have a Biostar H110m BTC and I can only use this plug on 4 / 6 ports, had to buy other risers for the other two because the ports are lateral of one another and you can’t get both USB cables plugged in on each…

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