• One World Music

    An absolute must for your collection Sometimes it’s really nice to be taken away to a far off land of beauty peace and tranquillity, and through this wonderful album by Anaya we can do just that. This is one of those stunning albums that are as rare as rain in Cyprus!We start with a complete flourish on the opening piece called Dharma, using the talents and skills of the Prague Symphony Orchestra we are gifted a composition that in parts reminded me in style, of the great composer Ralph Vaughn Williams and The Lark…

  • Michael Diamond

    Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus Listening to the music of Joseph L. Young on his fourth and latest release, I was transported by his exquisite blend of the earthy and the ethereal… the worldly and the otherworldly. Over the course of 12 luminous tracks, Joseph creates an alchemical blend of the natural sounds of a variety of flutes from different cultures, world music instruments such as hammered dulcimer, udu drum, tin whistle, Chinese erhu, Celtic harp and various ethnic percussion, with ambient synthesizer soundscapes,…

  • Candice Michelle

    Review from Journeyscapes Radio Joseph L Young is a world-flute master and keyboardist whose fourth album, Ethereum, is comprised of twelve beautiful compositions that showcase his multi-instrumentalist talents and keen ability to tap into the essence of music from various cultures. Among the instruments Joseph plays are Native American flutes, Chinese flutes, South and Central American clay drone flutes, Irish pennywhistle, and even Saxophone on one track. These exotic elements are deftly interwoven among indigenous…

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