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Project Rain Has Been Added To The Gridcoin Windows Client

One more super feature has been added to the Gridcoin Client for windows.


Another Gridcoin Client Update has been released, here the details



Gridcoin Research
Leisure Upgrade
– Added Contribution by Project drill in GUI in Neural network (double click a project from the project pane to see contribution by CPID)
– Added Project Rain capability from Project Drill in Page (Enter an amount, ensure wallet is unlocked, click Rain)
– Added ‘execute rain’ RPC command
So what is the new Project Rain Command in the Neural Network interface?
It’s a feature that let’s you reward the entire team of researchers for a certain project.  So if you want to tip 1000grc to World Community Grid for example, you can change the default value to 1000 and click Rain and everyone with RAC in WCG will be compensated by the participation %
Whats Next in Gridcoin…
Here is what Rob Halförd (Gridcoin Developer) is predicting.


Regarding the next mandatory:

Since new users seem to be onboarding fine,  I haven’t prioritized any hard date to push out a release, so I am now re-evaluating anything we might be able to squeeze into the next mandatory.

So far, we have the binary superblock (it looks like it passed in testnet, thats nice), and the newbie feature that gives more weight to newbies.

One thing I am working on is removing the legacy vote hashes/beacons that were coded into the coin before our July 4th release.  (This is just something like 1000 lines of unnecessary code that slows down boot time and slightly slows down each block check).  I want to remove all that during the next mandatory, so that is slated in also.

Another thing is adding our 6 month message limit back in – this expires a beacon after 6 months and removes the vote history.  Basically, this solves two issues:

1) It will remove most of the zero magnitude researchers from the NN (thats 30%!), and will allow GRC addresses to update in the NN automatically.  (This makes the Rain more accurate).

Regarding the 2nd Dev:  I did not receive any replies from my very old (last year emails) for the c++ dev, and from Tradermans social networking: no replies with full follow through.  We had a couple replies from the social network but they lost interest after I mentioned researching the core bitcoin code.  So Traderman feel free to re-shoot it when you get a chance.

I´ll be going through the tickets again and looking for more things that can be added to the next mandatory.  Aside from Derps sheet, feel free to raise any issues that fell of the radar that we need.

SQL:  Still working on SQL linux features.

DAC:  We are working on a regulatory clearing approval process in the finance thread first, before building a DAC for GRC to integrate with GRCQ.

Short of any new groundbreaking features that need tested, we can shoot for a February mandatory.

Happy New Year!




This is where we Gridcoin enthusiasts are heading…


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