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PCIE Riser 1X TO 16X Graphics Extension for GPU Mining Powered Riser Adapter Card w/ Molex 4Pin SATA 6Pin Power Supply PCIe with 60cm USB 3.0 Extension Cable- Ethereum Mining ETH- (6-Pack)ZIJIEZ

– 4 High Quality Solid Capacitors on each card for reliable and safe power delivery
– 4pin, SATA and Graphic card 6pin interface are optional to power, which provides Graphic card independent power and reduces motherboard burden when using more graphic cards.
– 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable enabling flexibility in the placement of your PCI-E devices.
– Gold plated contacts make a better connectivity and long lifespan.
– 4 holes for attaching the riser card to your rig.
– Plug and play, no driver needed.
– Supports 1x,4x,8x,16x PCI-E slot of the motherboard.

Attention Please:
– 4pin, 6pin and 15pin SATA Molex power interface integrated on the PCB, only one power input is needed, DO NOT try to plug 2 or 3 power interface simultaneously!
– The cables inside are specially made, please do not replace them with other cables.
– To prevent ruining your computers and other equipments, please plug the cable in the right end!
– Do not hesitate to contact ZIJIEZ customer service if you have any issues!

Package Included:
-6x PCI-E 16x riser board
-6x PCI-E 1x adapter card
-6x 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable

Product Features

  • ✓High reliability Riser Kits: The newest and perfect of solution for setting up Ethereum mining rigs( or any other GPU-mined altcoin), whether small open air rigs or large rack based miners.
  • ✓High performance solid capacitors( Voltage Regulation, and Overcurrent Protection ) :4 high quality solid capacitors for stable and safe power delivery , double protects your GPU,and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the work.
  • ✓Multiple power supply interface: The upgraded usb riser with large 4pin + SATA + 6pin Graphics interface, each interface can direct connect to your power supply that reduces the burden on the main board in the multi-card access and ensures maximum compatibility with your power supply.
  • ✓Stable cable : 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable, very soft and easy to place and route. Cable with shield net inside is more stable for mining. Gold plated contacts makes a flawless connectivity and a long lifespan.
  • ✓Easy Installation: Plug and play, no driver needed to install. PCI-E card can be inserted in any PCI-E slot: 1x, 4x, 8x, or 16x!