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Are you interested in cryptocurrency, block chains, and all things related to virtual currency? Do you know what SHA-2 is better than SHA-1? Do you text in Base64, just in case?

Do you code in Java?

If yes, then I really want to talk to you about R&D jobs in distributed ledger technology.

The job:

Working for an R&D lab to identify new technologies and create prototypes utilising them. The focus will be on cryptocurrency, distributed computing, block chain, and related technologies.

You”ll take part in rapid iteration cycles and always be on top of emerging technologies, always be learning.

You have:

  • 3+ years experience developing in Java
  • An excellent education.
  • A proven ability to be innovative. You”ve taken part in hackathons, written something amazing in your spare time. Your GibHub account shines, you probably have owned Bitcoin since 2010. Something I haven”t listed here because you”re more innovative than me!