Do Research at Home – And Get Paid For It

Maybe you always wanted to be a researcher, but never had a chance to do so?

Now you have the chance to tap into this matter, and the best part is that you actually get paid for it. Yes you heard that right, you can do researching at home, and you get rewarded for the work you do. Use the idle time on your computer to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It’s safe, secure, and easy.

But one after the other, I´m you sure have heard about SETI – (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) – sure you did, everyone has.

SETI is a scientific area whose goal is to detect intelligent life outside Earth. One approach, known as radio SETI, uses radio telescopes to listen for narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space. Such signals are not known to occur naturally, so a detection would provide evidence of extraterrestrial technology.

Radio telescope signals consist primarily of noise (from celestial sources and the receiver’s electronics) and man-made signals such as TV stations, radar, and satellites. Modern radio SETI projects analyze the data digitally. More computing power enables searches to cover greater frequency ranges with more sensitivity. Radio SETI, therefore, has an insatiable appetite for computing power.

Previous radio SETI projects have used special-purpose supercomputers, located at the telescope, to do the bulk of the data analysis. In 1995, David Gedye proposed doing radio SETI using a virtual supercomputer composed of large numbers of Internet-connected computers, and he organized the SETI@home project to explore this idea. Now this was the beginning of the computing network.

So far so good, as this way of data processing became more and more popular, others joined the network, some private institutions as well as Universities and big projects like CERN.

  • Scientists use BOINC to create a volunteer computing project, giving you the power of thousands of CPUs and GPUs.
  • Universities use BOINC to create a Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center.
  • Companies use BOINC for desktop Grid computing.

Meanwhile there are 35 projects in a variety of different research fields like Mathematics, Computing and Games, Physical Science, Biology and Medicine, Charity, Earth Sciences, Cognitive Science & Artifical Intelligence.

At this point, I need to mention that the Project ROSETTA@Home is one of the most involved in finding a cure for the CORONA VIRUS. They changed almost all projects to Coronavirus Research! So did I, I paused all BOINC programs, exept Rosetta@home. This is a way everyone can contribute to this fatal desease!

Form Cancer mapping over discovering Prime numbers, to find cures for ebola and other human diseases. You can do research on almost everything, just take a look at the available projects before you get started.

If you decide to participate in one or more projects, you can download the software that is necesary from the website, install it on your computer, and let it run, it will get the datapackages from the projects, processes them, and resubmits them after work done. It is that easy.

Now to the best part, you get paid for every second your computer is working for each project. The payment is issued in Gridcoins, a new cryptocurrency.


All is done on full autopilot, you just install a virtual wallet which collects your gridcoins. If you have enough Gridcoins, you withdraw them, change it into USD or any other currency, and transfer it to your credit card or bank account, worldwide. Sounds complicated, but it isn´t.

There is a real cool step by step video tutorial available, click here to visit the website and watch the video.

So if you ever thought about extra income, this is the perfect way to do it, at home. You don´t even have to do something, just install the two programs on your pc, and let them do the work for you…

Now head over to the website and get the tutorial to start right away!