Cryptocurrencies: A profound introduction for beginners: Crypto for beginners


A profound introduction for beginners.​ Do you want to know what is the best and safest exchange to buy your Cryptocurrencies? Do you want to know where and how to store your new investments safely? After reading this book your level of understanding will exceed even the level of most investors. You will learn:

  • Important investment strategies
  • Why they are invented in the first place
  • Ease of use in reality, speed, safety and security
  • The basic concepts like blockhain and protocols
  • Most popular and safe exchanges / apps to trade them
  • All the options to store you investments, the different wallet types
  • And of course the history of the cryptocurrencies
  • All this in depth for the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Monero

If you buy the paperback version you will getfree accessto the Kindle versionand all future updates. Do wait longer and buy this book today.