Automated Cryptocurrency Trading With A Bot

Since cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular, many people switch from Forex to Altcoin trading.
Due to this phenomenon, we notice that many exchanges to trade cryptocurrency are penning their doors. There is hardly a week without the announcement of a new Altcoin exchange. As it is, some are better, some are worse. One of the biggest is Poloniex. If you have observed the cryptocurrency market, you sure have noticed that. The most traded coin at the moment is ETH (Ethereum) which has a 24 hour volume of 30.000 BTC to 60.000 BTC (BTC= Bitcoin) which is a amount of more or less 1 BILLION US Dollars, and no, this is no typo, and this is only ONE coin. So you see that trading Cryptocurrency can be a great way of making money.

Of course, trading was and is a risky business, but if done right, with caution and most important, without emotions, it really can pay off. And it is a fairy-tale that you need to have thousands of dollars to get started, no, with just a few dollars, you can tab into this new market. As a matter of fact, if you are new to trading, especially cryptos, you better start out with a little investment, and work your way up to the big trading volume. Once you get to know how things work, it really is fun. Buying cheap – selling high, that´s what it is all about. I do trading for quiet a while now, and still it is exciting, every day, every minute, to see the value go up and down, placing my orders.

Well, to be honest, I use a BOT to trade, this makes life a lot easier, and I can go for a coffee while the software manages my trading. cat_botThe BOT I use is called CAT (Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader) and was developed by a friend of mine. His name is Sampey, and he is a genius when it comes to automated altcoin trading. His software is by far the best I ever saw and used. It´s dead simple and can be used right away with a few clicks. This way, you can trade 24/7 on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. The software gets the market list, and you choose which coin you want to trade. You enter the minimum amount of gains per trade you want to achieve, and hit the “Create Order Button”, from this point on, you lean back and watch the BOT do it´s job. You have no idea how much fun it is to see the numbers flying. What I do is, I open the tab “Gains” and watch how line by line appears after a successful trade.

Maybe you want to try that too. I have a special deal with Sampey, he agreed that everyone that orders here, will get a 10% discount on CAT Bot.  If you want a copy of CAT, you need to contact him via a Private Message. In this message, you give him the code “GRCPRO” and he will give you the 10% discount.

To secure your copy now, all you do is to click here to go to Sampey´s website and read all the detailed information he provides about his software.

OK, I hope I could inspire you a little to be a early cryptocurrency adopter and that you too will make a lot of profit from the daily Pump-Dump!